Chia-Yi is knowledgeable and reputable

Chia-Yi is, by far, the most knowledgeable person in this market. Her brand is solid, her reputation impeccable and most of all, a pleasure to work with. I recommend her strongly.

Chia-Yi is dynamic and coherent

With a dynamic, radiant and always positive personality, Chia-Yi knows how to realize her ambitions. Meeting the challenges faced by exporters wishing to develop Asian markets is her daily mission. His clear, coherent and realistic vision is without a doubt his greatest asset in the realization of his professional and personal projects.

Chia-Yi and her network to guide her clients

Mrs. Tung: she is an experienced international consultant; she has first-hand experience of Asian markets and she has a special network to help guide her clients; furthermore, her creative strength has already been demonstrated in a series of impressive success stories; myself and my colleagues in Ottawa, in both business and at the heart of the federal government, have seen her abilities and the quality of the advice that she gives; too many companies use up resources and large amounts of money in retraining and retracing the basic steps for developing these complex Asian markets. Mrs. Tung and her team can accelerate the process and save you time and resources. The old saying “to rely on a local guide” is even more applicable in Asia … and I can recommend Mrs Tung in this regard without a doubt. Well done Chia-Yi!

Listening, Expertise and Competence

Three words can summarize the work of Chia-Yi and her team: Listening, Expertise and Competence. She has an exceptional ability to understand her client and the goals he/she wants to achieve, and then provide a creative and responsive approach. Her deep knowledge of the two cultures - North American and Asian – makes Chia-Yi an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to build bridges between these two markets and develop strategies for effective branding and marketing. Last but not least, her personality transforms each meeting and brainstorming session into a pleasant and constructive moment.

Chia-Yi make businesses shine internationally

Chia-Yi, your determination and your passion are a great inspiration for me! We need people like you who make businesses shine internationally while maintaining your root culture; it’s what makes you an incredible person!

Chia-Yi is authentic and present

Chia-Yi is authentic, present and she has something “I don’t know what” when we meet her. Something inspires us, which we know it will make us grow if we work with her. Chia-Yi is a reflection of several common values in Quebec and numerous projects she has realized are part of her DNA. Go international is much more than an opportunity; and Chia-Yi has all the talents, the desire and the tools to bridge between the East and the West which benefits her clients.

Chia-Yi is a seasoned and passionate businesswoman

Chia-Yi is a seasoned businesswoman who knows how to prioritize and accelerate strategic projects. Having the privilege of working on international projects with Chia-Yi is a guarantee of success. Her advice, reflections and above all her experience that she shares with humility are most appreciated. Thank you Chia-Yi for your inspiration and your passion.

Chia-Yi is a model for our emerging entrepreneurs

You are a role model for our emerging entrepreneurs and an exemplary spokesperson.

She turns ideas into results

Chia-Yi is a strategist, a thinker, a great leader. She turns great ideas in to actions and into results. It’s great working with her!

Chia-Yi is in a class of her own

Trying to describe the entrepreneurial businesswoman that is Chia-Yi is like trying to describe a tornado: pictures are more fitting than words, and even more so as communication - notably graphic communications, therefore visual - is precisely one area of expertise in which she excels. As my former students at university, consultant colleagues or clients would tell you: I place the bar high and I don't praise easily, but the fact is that Chia-Yi is in a class of her own. Past her interpersonal skills and charisma that create a very strong personality, we quickly see a talented person and a fighter that no-one and nothing can stop once she has her eyes on the prize. It is thus not surprising that Marie-France Bazzo invited her to participate in a show, for a whole season, where a panel of young immigrants present their view on the evolution of Quebec's society. To embellish it all: she does much more than just sell, she delivers solutions and will not stop until the client is fully satisfied. I am speaking from experience, having had the opportunity to work with her on cases that were far from easy.

Chia-Yi, passionate for technology and diversty of cultures

As the former director of Chia-Yi’s master degree, I am both impressed and proud to see all the way she has made since 1999. Her accomplishments proved her incredible ability to adapt and to evolve very quickly, despite the change of country and culture, at the time, completely foreign. And as a former official of Chia-Yi at the International Secretariat of Orbicom, the international network of UNESCO Chairs in Communication, where she worked as a webmaster and project coordinator, I can testify to her seriousness, but above all to her great passion for technology and diversity of cultures. Working with 300 UNESCO members in 75 countries is a challenge that she has met with great skills. I am impressed by the progress that she has made ever since, and I am glad that she is as passionate today as she was when she arrived in Canada.

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Chia-Yi Tung

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